Data Analysis for the Energy Industry: 
How One Company Uses Virtualitics Immersive Platform to Save $500,000 Annually in Downtime and Energy Loss

The Results: VIP Improves Energy Production and Saves Company Millions

  • VIP identified the root cause of wind turbine performance issues, saving the company $500,000 annually in downtime and energy loss.
  • 3D interactive data exploration helped wind farm engineers visualize and identify the key driver of underperformance.
  • AI routines highlighted drivers of energy production and identified ideal operational conditions with respect to auxiliary power.

The Problem: Finding the Why of Performance Issues

The energy company knew there was a performance problem with some of its wind turbines, but it was unable to pinpoint the root cause. As a result, the company wasted resources trying to assess and resolve the malfunctions.

The Solution: Visualizations Move Critical Information Out of Silos

The first step in solving the energy company’s challenges was to enable everyone on the team to link diagnostics data to ensure teamwide visibility and understanding of the data analytics.

Virtualitics Immersive Platform (VIP) provided the team with powerful multidimensional visualizations that allowed all team members to view the data from many perspectives.

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Energy Farm with Wind Turbines

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