Keystones of REsponsible ai:Explainability and Visualizations

June 9th, 2pm ET

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The future is no-code or low-code, but as more and more companies implement AI solutions and enable non-technical users,  how do you maintain accuracy and responsible use?

The answer is explainable AI paired with multi-dimensional visualizations. These combined provide a more complete picture of the story playing out in a predictive system and are a must for ensuring responsible AI applications. 

Join Caitlin Bigsby, Head of Product Marketing, as she sits down with Virtualitics’ Co-Heads of AI, Sarthak Sahu, and Aakash Indurkhya to discuss ways to incorporate visualizations into the ML lifecycle and key considerations.

You will learn:

  • The benefits–and risks–of no code AI 
  • The role of XAI and visualizations in developing successful, robust, and responsible AI
  • How to create a culture of transparency, accountability, and trust

Our Speakers


Sarthak Sahu

Co-Head of AI

Aakash Indurkhya

Co-Head of AI

Caitlin Bigsby

Head of Product Marketing,

About Virtualitics:

Virtualitics, Inc. is an advanced analytics company that helps enterprises and governments make smarter business decisions, faster with ready-to-use AI that can be understood—by analysts and business leaders alike. Our AI platform allows organizations to rapidly process complex data into powerful multi-dimensional graph visualizations, and predict future business outcomes with clear, explainable no-code AI modeling. Virtualitics puts AI into use across the enterprise with enhanced analytics that's easily integrated into the flow of work. Our patented technology is based on over 11 years of research at the California Institute of Technology and NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.