Magical to Practical: AI That Works
for The Business

April 7, 2022
2pm ET

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We've been promised that AI is a magic bullet that will transform the way business is done, yet organizations are still failing to capitalize on this promise. Why? Because while magic sounds great, fairytales tell us that there are strings attached. Join the Virtualitics team as we discuss how AI is magical, but it's not magic, and you can leverage its power for practical purposes.

You will learn:

  • Why the gap between the analytics teams and the business has prevented AI success
  • Why visualizations are critical to get the business and the analytics teams aligned and to build trust
  • How the practical application of AI can be made easy for every-day people to trust, and leverage.

Our Speakers

Manny Sevillano

Head of Product,

Aakash Indurkhya

Head of AI,

Caitlin Bigsby

Head of Product Marketing,

About Virtualitics:

Virtualitics, Inc. is an advanced analytics company that helps enterprises and governments make smarter business decisions, faster with ready-to-use AI that can be understood—by analysts and business leaders alike. Our AI platform allows organizations to rapidly process complex data into powerful multi-dimensional graph visualizations, and predict future business outcomes with clear, explainable no-code AI modeling. Virtualitics puts AI into use across the enterprise with enhanced analytics that's easily integrated into the flow of work. Our patented technology is based on over 11 years of research at the California Institute of Technology and NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.