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US Space Force Awards Virtualitics Contract to Deploy EMI Tool and AI Solutions for Space Domain Awareness
US Space Force Awards Virtualitics Contract to Deploy EMI Tool and AI Solutions for Space Domain Awareness
Virtualitics is proud to continue its partnership with the Space Command and Control program office at Space Systems Command to provide its innovative AI-enabled data analytics and immersive visualization solutions to operational users at the Combined Space Operations Center.
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How VIP can save you time in Excel
Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center Selects Virtualitics for Predictive Maintenance and Sustainment
Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center (AFNWC) has awarded Virtualitics an 18-month, $1.5 million contract from its first-ever “Pitch Day” to help advance the organization’s mission of delivering nuclear capabilities to deter America’s near-peer rivals and assure allies. AFNWC will use Virtualitics Predict for Minuteman III predictive maintenance and sustainment.
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Virtualitics Selected for the Air Force Strategic $7M Award
Virtualitics is proud to be one of the “big bet” startups the Air Force is counting on to preserve the U.S. military’s technological advantage. Receiving the STRATFI award at the Pitch Bowl culminates an impressive trend of recent Department of Defense contracts for Virtualitics.
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3 Visualizations That Will Help You Find Efficiencies
When Should You Use Virtualitics VIP?
The traditional data analysis process doesn’t encourage thorough exploration into data patterns and relationships. In fact, it doesn’t matter whether you are a stakeholder, a subject-matter expert, or a data scientist; the traditional approach to data analytics makes it difficult to get the maximum value from your data.
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Use Case 1:

Predict PMX for the Air Force

To improve the mission capable rate of aircraft, the Air Force partnered with Virtualitics to implement Virtualitics Predict, utilizing artificial intelligence-driven predictive models to predict the overall downtime rate a month in advance, and identify systems likely to fail with enough lead time to take proactive steps to mitigate. Their efforts resulted in:

  • Projected reduction of annual maintenance costs by $15M 
  • 50% reduction in unscheduled maintenance events 
  • 3% increase in mission capable rate across monitored fleet 

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Use Case 2:

Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance

Our relationships across various branches of the DoD, combined with our deep knowledge of AI and cutting edge data visualization, enable our work to complement and augment existing ISR workflows – building off of the domain expertise of operators, rather than attempting to replace it.

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