eBookBuilding a Sustainable AI Strategy From the Ground Up


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A lot of organizations are experimenting with AI, but most are struggling to successfully deploy a single model, let alone build a sustainable strategy. If you’re ready to operationalize AI at your organization, building a foundation for success that reduces risk, increases impact, and lowers maintenance overhead, the Building a Sustainable AI Strategy From the Ground Up guide is here to help. 

Our team of data scientists have built, deployed, and maintained models for the US Department of Defense, medical research labs, and energy firms, perfecting an approach that delivers optimal value. We’ve captured their 9-step approach here.

This eBook includes: 

  • A clear overview of the 9 steps to operationalizing AI success, that includes both the technical and business side of the equation
  • Useful guides to help you identify and prioritize your AI use cases
  • A plan to measure the results and value of your initiatives


Why Virtualitics?

Explore without limits

Virtualitics’ Intelligent Exploration lets your complex data speak for itself using AI and machine learning, leading you to the insights that will transform your business.

Experience data in 3D

Get everyone engaged and interacting with your insights and tell data stories that make an impact

Deploy trusted AI

With complete data exploration as your foundation, you can deploy your AI models with confidence—you’re solving the right problem and leveraging the right data.

About Virtualitics:

Virtualitics, Inc., the Intelligent Exploration company, harnesses the power of AI-guided data exploration to transform organizations. Data exploration is the foundation of today’s AI initiatives, but traditional methods are shallow and incomplete and leave companies with a narrow and biased understanding of their data. Virtualitics changes this, enabling data teams to quickly and thoroughly explore all of their data by using AI and machine learning to automatically discover patterns and meaning in their data. Rich 3D visuals and VR experiences enhance understanding, so teams and stakeholders move forward strategically with a strong foundation that guides smarter business decisions and AI initiatives. The company’s patented technology is based on more than 10 years of research at the California Institute of Technology and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.