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Biotech firm Isoplexis utilizes Virtualitics VIP to Gain Faster and More Robust Insights
Biotech Firm Isoplexis announces the Duomic platform that utilizes Virtualitics Immersive Platform (VIP) to gain faster and more robust insights between genetic and proteomic connections at the single-cell level.
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Use Case: Understanding the Dangers of Influenza for Lungs
The Columbia Medical School research team was able to utilize Virtualitics software to determine that a correlation existed between influenza severity and patient mortality by using 3d visualization and artificial intelligence to analyze and model data.
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Isoplexis Uses VIP to Find Robust Insights in Multiomics Data 


Use Case:

VIP for Institute for Systems Biology

Institute for Systems Biology’s James R. Heath’s lab utilizes Virtualitics Immersive Platform (VIP) to quickly identify trends in their omics data and determine contributing factors to long COVID-19.

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How Analysts in Healthcare can Augment their Analytics with VIP

The world of healthcare has become one of the most demanding and quickly evolving industries. This has been highly driven by the rapidly changing technology landscape, where efforts are leading to faster and better research, development, and overall outcomes. The catalyst for this transformation has been the access to large troves of data and how organizations have been able to improve both quality and overall data utilization.

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